An Official Announcement

I am not a celebrity but I sure can spot some of them when I am in a restaurant in New York waiting for someone to join me. I cannot name the man I spotted the other day and asked to write for the Kucinich campaign. I have no idea why he refused to help us. Therefore I will not share his name. It would only embarrass him come election night when Dennis takes the presidency and he had not signed on to help. I cannot inflict that kind of pain on someone whose work I admire but who has not yet stepped up to the plate to work for a candidate.

Perhaps, and this is just a wishful thought, he will do so soon and just needs to think a bit more.

Sean Penn certainly stepped up to the plate in a big way last week. I first read the whole speech in its entirety on and I can tell you, it was a big and happy surprise. The Huffington Post picked it up over the weekend. It gained a lot of peoples' attention who are hungry to hear more about Dennis and to be shown that he is on the minds of lots of people. The complaint level is rising, I think about what is not being reported and what is.

I had a nice little op-ed piece published by over the weekend about how Dennis' backers will sink the good ship MSM. I hope that people begin to realize as the MSM does already and as the other corporate interests that back the so-called front runners that their do too that a Kucinich presidency means that business will not be as usual. It means that there will be an actual fair wage for workers and good benefits for all and that this screwy economy that rewards only the rich right now will come to a halt.

Did you ever wonder what it would mean to take on the corporate interests? Did you ever see the parallels between the lack of interest by the MSM in Dennis and the fact that he wants them to be governed the same as you and I are governed? Then, perhaps, it is not such a big mystery why they ignore him. In fact it becomes increasingly clear that his way of seeing how fairness actually does matter will wipe out the kinds of unearned but more truthfully robbed wages the corporate bullies receive while denying to the workers the same kind of largesse.

There is a corporate underbelly to this whole world's economy that no one really wants to expose. Oh, yes, Naomi Klein has been and continues to expose it. Take a good look at her new book, The Shock Doctrine and you will begin to understand why Dennis' ideas are more than an inconvenience to the powers that be. Were this new way of looking at the ultra-rich and their priorities to be revealed and what's more, ended, then there would be a real revolution again here on these shores but not against some foreign or faraway power but against the men and women who are enslaving most of us and have no scruples about it whatsoever.

It is a shame tha this does not get reported in our supposedly free press. But it doesn't and it won't. That same press is owned by these same slave owners. Yes, there are sights and sounds that many people are waking up. That is why, for example, we can read about the real reasons for the stage hands strike on Broadway that you won't read about in the New York Times but can read on

So, it is time for us to officially announce our freedom from this tyranny and let our voices get out there and say what is needed and how to go about getting it.

We need to see more leaders like Dennis Kucinich step forward too and say the same things. More voices would be a very positive sign.

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